Green Laser!

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DSC04277.jpgI am testing out a GHL-100XX 160mW+ green laser from Laser power is measured in milliwatts, your standard red laser pointer is usually less than 5mW. This one is not only 30 times more powerful, our eyes are more sensitive to green light, so it appears even brighter. I really like using lasers for star pointing- Mark was telling me was helping his daughter with an astronomy project and needed to point out which stars in the sky were actually planets- this is where these lasers literally shine. Other uses- alignment (in day light) and doing really cool time lapse photos. With a laser like this one there are also some fun experiments- here’s a photo of the laser “burning” a hole through a red plastic cup. I’ll have some other photos soon, along with some projects. It goes without saying but I feel compelled to post this, never point a laser at people, cars, planes, robots, etc…

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