blackbox.jpgLive from ETech: Rick Rashid, Microsoft Research talked about the Human black box, the ultimate blogging tool. A person mounted camera that takes thousands of photos throughout the day. A wide angle lenses captures more information, accelerometers tell the camera when it’s a good time to take a picture. Some uses: Memory-loss individuals, tourism, reflective practice…Kinda reminds me of the version I made for my car (and dog). I think we can all make our own versions of these.

  • thecapitalizt

    I’m just wondering what hardware they used to creat this. First thing that comes to my mind is to use a gumstix w/ some sensors on its I2C bus, but I don’t know if there are any cameras that support that. All I know is that the gumstix has really low pwer requirements.

  • [email protected]

    Memento would have been a totally different movie with one of these.