monitor.jpgLive from Etech: James Larsson’s “Hardware Hacks from the Far Side” had a ton of great and entertaining hacks you should never try at home (or anywhere else). Creating a prawn sandwich fresh-lethal-stale clock. Transforming an old CRT monitor into a radio jamming device, an insect repeller, a fly killer, a cardiac defibrillator, several types of electronic artwork, a squash-ball warmer, and a somewhat vicious mouse trap.

  • RG_Services

    So how do we find out about “Hardware Hacks from the Far Side”

    an insect repeller, a fly killer ? – I would love to make that out of an old monitor !!!

  • Noah

    Where’s the link?

  • philliptorrone

    we’re going to try and get james to write an article for an upcoming make!