national.jpgWow, two tobacco based projects in a row. Here’s a pretty cool site that shows you how to make a Cigar box guitar. Check out the Hall of Fame with mentions of Jimi Hendrix, Carl Perkins, Gov’t Mule, Albert King and Ted Nugent. I have an old Cigar box with bolts in it, once I work through those bolts- I think I’ll make one of these.

  • CigarBoxGuitar

    There is a massive movement happening with cigar box guitars. Currently, the Cigar Box Guitar Forum ( is well over 600 members. Festivals are being organized, new cigar box guitar builders are starting their own companies and many performers are even recording albums.

    One such album is Shane Speal’s instrumental cigar box guitar cd, “Surreal”. It’s played entirely on a primitive 3-string cigar box guitar using a 3/4″ socket as a slide. The cd can be found here

  • Anonymous

    i’ve made a couple so far, but used a wooden box i got from michaels art supply store. my next one will be made from an old silverware box i found in the trash. these are fun to build and play.