powercell3.jpgI’ve been traveling over the last couple days and just saw this “Why struggle with heavy baggage? Dragging suitcases through busy airport lounges is tedious, backbreaking work – but it doesn’t have to be that way”. Motorized luggage. I’ve found airports don’t like wires, batteries and motors built in to things that normally don’t have them, at least not my little projects. I’ve been thinking of building a suitcase that powers a WiFi finder when rolled (vibrates the stick, beeps or handle glows) but realized I’d have even more trouble with my bags.

  • edgarg

    yo! philip, wondering as I travel it is allways the same hassle, ran out of batteries with some device, but I got to be at gate 74 in 5 minutes and I am standing out of gate 6, what about a lauga-Charger? with some adaptation the weels (which are going to have a lot of spin over the next minutes) will generate enough power to recharge my ipod shuffle/mobile phone to get me at least a survival amount of charge.