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  • bgav

    >Besides the open source Panotools, anyone know of other free photo stitching tools?


  • bgav

    URL for Autostitch (html link didn’t work in previous post):

  • philliptorrone

    thanks bfav! i’m going to try this out!


  • bgav

    you’re welcome, and there are a number of great examples of Autostitch panoramas @ Flickr.

  • ScuderiaConchiglia

    PTAssembler is a “Windows helper” program for Panotools. It is a GREAT help in aligning and creating panoramas. I shot the gigantic arch windo from inside Cincinnati’s Union Terminal with my Casio in four shots, rolling the camera as I went. This sort of shot would choke just about every panoramic tool. PTAssembler and Panotools created a great shot. (I’ll send copy to Make if you’d like to see the results.)

    Scuderia Conchiglia

  • rompe

    This related Linux Focus article is interesting:

    Creating panoramic views using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp