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I have a hard time exercising unless there’s some type of cool technology involved. jnielsen posted his heart rate and GPS info from the Ironman Arizona triathlon race. “I used my Garim 301 for the entire race and loaded it up to The GPS has the distance almost dead on. Check it out – but no cracking on my time:) It’s a pretty cool tool – I actually swam a pretty straight line!”. Links to the individual maps and data here.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. bgav says:

    Here’s a similar setup, check out the replays:

    Now all you need is an EVDO camera phone for a live video feed of your workout and you’ll have all of the bases covered ;-). Fitness Moblogging with live video, HRM and GPS data feeds!


  2. jasper9890 says:

    heeeey now! all the make-geeks are lurking over in my turf, as opposed to the other way around eh?? This is a GREAT use of the garmin 301.. I love mine! It’s a pretty good upgrade to the 201 and leaps and bounds better than the Timex. MotionBased really makes this data come alive too. The new Garmin software is MUCH better than the older ver., but motionbased is awesome..

    Ok seriously….putting the garmin UNDER the swim cap?? I guess he gets creativity points, but shesh…. That’ll look pretty ugly AND add quite a bit of drag to your other-wise-pretty-aero-nogin!