laserscanner.jpgMaybe we can get the 3D printer guy to hang out with the 3D scanner fellow and we’ll be another step closer to replicators. Here’s a 3D laser scanner using a Quickcam Pro 4000 camera, s100 SMS controller card and LSG 35 geared motor. Link.

  • BrK

    VERY interesting. I looked in on a company that had a product that did something very similar, but on a production scale. They went under, due to lack of funding and then had their IP bought up, webpage here:

  • captgadget

    Here is another project from May 2001… It is approaches the problem by rotating the object instead of the laser.

    The goal of the project was to build a low-cost laser line scanner out of household and off-the-shelf parts that could be used to construct a reasonable point-cloud scan of a recognizable object. From the point cloud, existing software could be used to create surfaces, and hopefully solid models as well. Unfortunately, after a quick look at the site, i could not find the perl scripts that assist in the project…