port.jpgI was looking for something else, but then found this and figured it might come in handy for something- here’s how to control the parallel port with Perl using a module called Device:ParallelPort. Device::ParallelPort is a Perl API that allows low level access to the parallel port of most computers. It does this by using a number of drivers, which can be customized and added to, including Linux (direct and parport), Win32, Script, Dummy, and more. It also contains a number of direct access devices including an example printer and a relay controller card. Link.

  • alankilian
    If any of my computers has a parallel port, I'd be all set.
    I think we need to get used to not having the parallel port around anymore and get on with something usb attached. 
    It's too bad. Tha parallel port was great.
    Has anyone gotten a USB-to-parallel-port printer adapter working for this kind of thing?
  • [email protected]

    If you are using Linux you can use a USB->ParallelPort cable via ParPort and achieve the same thing :-)

    Currently I don’t have that running for Windows other than direct io. The FreeBSD port however should also work with other parallel ports but I have not tried it.

    Scott Penrosehttp://linux.dd.com.au/quests/os-perl/parallelport/