The knitPro tool will take any GIF, JPEG or PNG image you throw at it and make a knitting grid in PDF as a guide. Handy, it’s also part of a larger project called “logoknitting” microRevolt fiber hobbyists use the tactic of “logoknitting” for sweatshop awareness. Logoknitting means knitting a logo into a garment. They knit logos of well known sweatshop offenders, as a way to promote discussion on how advertising, labor, production and consumption relate. Link. Gallery.

  • uzziel

    Very handy, especially for images with a limited number of colors. (It would be a huge pain to knit the output of a full-color photo.) It would be very cool if you could limit the palette of the output PDF.

    Anyone interested in knitting utilities might also enjoy a little program I wrote called VisiKnit. It takes a written knit pattern and generates a graphical chart.

  • Jac

    You can import the pdf into Adobe Illustrator CS3 and then limit the color pallet to three or four colors.