Today Sony announced the new PlayStation 3 IGN has the specs here. Last week was the Xbox 360 (specs here). Both impressive devices, I’m more excited about the millions of “old” Xboxes and PS2 out in the wild and how they’ll find new uses in the hands of Makers. For under $50 (eBay, etc..) you’ll be able to get an amazing system to do a ton of projects- we’ll of course have them here and in the magazine.

  • gr3g

    Maybe a good excuse to finally do the Xbox-Linux hack. But the question arises, which system will lead to the best hacks? Xbox or PS2? Personally I would love to see a good hack for the PS2 slimline.

  • christophershort

    I’m pretty sure the XBox is going to have better hacks. It’s mostly a commodity PC with a few specialized components.

  • jonmaddox

    You got it PT… The best thing about the 360 is it making the xbox $50! Xbmc for everyone!!!!!!