9097313 74A46Efeae T Neat photoset found on Flickr. After a crack appeared inthe case of my Sony MicroVault and it spilled all over the floor. I decided to mod it up, and spent a while looking for something cool. I found this cassette, and this is the result. B Side looks awesome. All in all, 2 hours of work and thinking, for a very simple, but I think rather cool mod for my old usb stick. Might be a fun project to add an iPod Shuffle to a tape adaptor. Link.

  • MattSparkes

    I made a USB flash drive case from aa cigarette paper box here.

  • BrK

    Interesting, but why would you want to house it in such a huge case? It seems to make the whole thing kind of impractical to use.

  • Big3Mac

    @Brk- That’s basically what mods are… turning something useful into something impractical

    -Well anyways I’ve been wanting to do something like this along with a ton of other mods and i think this just gave me the guts to do them !!! ;)

  • http://www.jukeboxheart.com Paul

    If you were a collector of cassettes of electronic and experimental music, you will find now that they cost hundreds of dollars in their original format. But you can get our friends to give you mp3’s of the cassettes and make a flash facsmilie of the original package with color xerox and some graphic tools. A niche market, I know, but some indie record companies are even reissuing their out of print cassette titles in this format.