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Here are some photos and dissections of the Juicebox, a cheap LCD device that can play music and photos. It’s based on uClinux, so there are a few projects currently underway to do some neat things with it. And here’s a tip- to put the Juicebox into test mode – just hold the top and bottom most buttons on powerup. Link.

  • mys

    Does anyone know how to get those little beasts in Europe/Germany? The seem to be a perfect base for my projects.

  • [email protected]

    Another good page for juicebox info is

    That page includes a link to the Juicebox sourcecode and some discussion boards about hacking the thing.

  • chadvavra

    I got the thing to run for a few seconds off of my ipaq 5455 battery. Using a small form factor battery like that will knock about half the thickness off the product, and if the screen is repositioned in a frame it’s even thinner.