Bilde-1 “The first time we looked through it we looked at the moon, and it was like, oh my God, this is so cool, and we built it, it is ours,” said Katie Barmazel, 15. As part of the project, the three teenagers also hand-ground their own 8-inch mirror, a job that took 270 hours and propelled them to both Merit and Astronomers Choice awards at the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, winning over 600 other entries. Link.

  • SpaceMooseMasterOfTime

    Anybody have any good links/howtos/books they can suggest for hand-grinding mirrors? This is something I’d love to get into.

  • DeanW.Armstrong

    I started on a list involving the Amateur Telescope Making books 1-3, Texereau’s book, and Berry’s book, but a very comprehensive list is at Johannesburg Centre, Astronomical Society of Southern Africa.

  • SpaceMooseMasterOfTime

    Thanks a lot! That will be VERY helpful.