A MAKER profile of Natalie Jeremijenko, building toxic sensing robot dogs from discarded toys, as read by Dale Dougherty, MAKE publisher. This is an enhanced podcast: it will play audio and show the actual pages of MAKE Magazine from volume 02 when you click on them. We hope to do more of these, so please let us know what you think. iTunes: Click this link and click SUBSCRIBE. View the comments for more info (the MAKE iTunes feeds has tons of free articles and more from the mag)…

  • philliptorrone

    if you just want a plain ole’ mp3, get it here…

  • Comic_Strip_Blogger

    “nko” at the end of family name: is she Ukrainian?

  • kkennedy

    Thanks for the MP3, Phillip. Me and my boring ol’ Microboss MP3 Pocket appreciate it! *grin*