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  • lwatcdr

    Okay great videos but. What kit was modified for this. It looks like a v2 of some kind. What size body tube do you need? What size motor was it flow on? will it fit in a BT-80?


    I am pretty sure that the model shown is the “X PRIZE CANADIAN ARROW” by Estes.

    This is indeed a BT-80 model. You might fit it in the nose of a “Big Daddy” and certainly the “Executioner.”

    The image quality and sound delivered by this CVS camera are excellent!

    I bought an Estes “Oracle.” A nice, simple to use toy, but the resolution and (especially) the frame rate leave a lot to be desired.

    In any case, a big failing, if you can call it that, of the CVS roc images is the shortness of the boost phase footage. What’s needed is a much more streamlined model that will coast longer, requiring a longer delay.

    I’m working on an alternate Oracle booster that will take an E9-8. This will deliver nearly eleven seconds of “vertical” footage.


  • MightyMik

    Plastic chute…gotta be Estes. HOWEVER…some of us use bigger stuff. Very nice hack.


    This is an experiment.
    To see if line feeds

    And so they do.
    To bring this back on topic:

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