Webcam Raphael Assenat writes “Since I got my webcam, I never used it for videoconferencing. Instead, I tried to do many cool things with it, like infra-red photography, security, and automated 360 degree photography of objects using a stepper”. I really like the stepper motor project (source and schematics included)…Link.

  • Predictor

    Your Web site is great! I noticed that you played with swapping the color channels in images (your color-swapped picture of the Logitech optical mouse). I tried this in MATLAB, swapping the red and blue channels (green stayed the same) with a picture I took of flamingos at the Philadelphia zoo. Presto, “bluemingos”! The grass in the background still looks green (a little yellower), but the birds are now a rich blue.

    -Will Dwinnell