Laser Pointer ThRaphael writes “I wanted to be able to control my music player, xmms, using a laser pointer and a wall. I drew the symbols for rewind, stop, play, forward on paper sheets using fluorescent ink so it looks cool with a blacklight and sticked them on the wall. I coded a simple tool that monitors the wall for the presence of a small spot using a webcam. When the spot appears somewhere, if it is inside a defined hotspot, the appropriate command is executed”. Link.

  • JakeMcMahon

    That is FANTASTIC!

  • CARP

    I already have the patent on that…
    I hade the same idea, but wanted to control ANY Windows application.
    I play games and surf the web.
    Fun, huh?

  • ashishRD

    I’ve done a similar project. Its a laser gesture recognizer. Instead of creating hotspots, it recognizes gestures made with a laser pointer anywhere in the camera’s field of view. I use it to control Windows Media Player. Link: