Acorn Dave writes “I came across this site while looking for crafts to do with all the acorns my 5 year old son collected at school and filled his pockets with. In true junior maker fashion he saw the acorns and knew there was *something* we could do with them. The acorn whistle on this page takes some practice but really is quite loud once you get the hang of it.” Link.

  • bynk

    This also works using a bottle cap.

    I’ve been using bottle caps and acorn caps for whistles ever since I saw an afternoon short about them– the kind that they used to put between cartoons and afternoon kids shows. (I believe it was channel 44 in SF.)

  • beeboo

    Speaking from experience…

    If you’re thinking of showing this neat trick to a bunch of kids you’re in charge of (say, at a summer camp, where acorns are plentiful), be sure to hold off until their last day. Either that, or invest in a good pair of ear-plugs.