HourThis is a really clever clock, you pop it on a wall or whiteboard, add a marker and it marks out time on the wall, I think this would be a fun project to build. From the site – “Are you the sort of person who projects to those around you an affinity for temporal illustrations? If so everlab’s 1 HOUR CIRCLE is just the thing for you. Simply adhere to the wall, or set on a sheet of paper, and the 1 HOUR CIRCLE will be ready to fulfil its obligation.” [via] Link.

  • jenggo

    WHAT!?!? Order your today:P

  • MrH

    Why? – PS the clock mechanism costs $1

  • 2E3DE2

    And who designed this? NASA? What a joke. What can you do with this besides wait an hour to see a circle? You can’t tell time with it. The only people I can imagine making/buying these are substitute high school science teachers trying to ingratiate themselves. I can draw my own circles just fine, thank you, and for free.

  • abbtech

    Interesting idea however I am not sure it will be a big seller…

  • freelin

    I’m using this in meetings to keep timelines on track. Sure, everyone an read a clock, but the simplicity of a red line completing a circle is clear. Plus, people love it. Thanks!