77859880 A017Fd270F ORick writes “After reading a post in MakeZine about Kanita shoulder bags, I was inspired to make three shoulder bags from 4.7 liter jerry cans for Christmas presents this year. The Kanita bags sell for a whopping $128.89, which works out to CDN$123 or US$105!! Granted if I took my labour into account, I would have to charge about that much too. But, as a DIY project, it works out to less than CDN$10 to make each of these.” Link.

  • vonSlatt

    I made some bike panier from a double mop bucket a couple of years ago, but I’m finding them a little small. Plastic Jerry cans just might be the ticket for Mark II.

    Jake von Slatt

  • Muddler

    MAKEable, yes, but I still don’t understand why anyone would want one.

  • NateMC

    If I could find one of those small ones, with some foam I could probably make a spiffy camera holder instead of buying a pelican case to just carrying it in my messenger bag.