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BoodschappenTurn your optical mouse into a scanner! Erik writes: “A Maker posted his project on a very large Dutch forum, after he read some datasheets of the sensor in his optical mouse. He wrote a application in VB for reading the sensors outputs, so he can use the sensor like a hand scanner. The software is available on the site and works on mice which use an ADNS-2610 optical sensor, recognisable by the eight pins, the sun-like mark and the text ‘A2610′.” Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. philliptorrone says:

    hack a day has some interesting posts/comments about this project too…

  2. aplumb says:

    A lot of cheap off-the-shelf optical mice use this chip. See this photospy I did of a Logitech I did a while back. Note: This chip is designed by the division of Agilent that was spun out and renamed Avago Technologies. See their Optical Mouse Sensors page for more up-to-date info, like the newer ADNS-2610 references.