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Building a Lathe Tool Sharpening Jig

Badger writes "This holiday season my lovely lady wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Since my hobby is hard to buy for, we often have these conversations. One of the things I had mentioned was a 8″ Slow Speed Grinder I had seen at Woodcraft (on sale no... Read more »

HOW TO – Make a flush iPod nano dock

Simon made a simple iPod dock for his iPod nano using all the parts it came with. On the Flickr photo set he posted it shows making a hole in the desk, modding the connector cable and securing it flush on the desk. I go through too many devices to... Read more »

Make your own Park(ing) spot…

I wonder if parks will start installing meters now..."San Francisco based art collective Rebar decided to take the concept of a parking spot to the next level. On November 16th they installed an actual park in a parking space in downtown San Francisco for their project PARK(ing), "a temporary urban... Read more »

Do avatars dream of electric racoons?

The BBC has an excellent video (I could only get the Real Player version to work however) of virtual worlds, what people are making and how they're making -real- money - "When it comes down to it, avatars - online characters - project your ideals and fantasies before you've had... Read more »