87638501 3379137D08Simple and fun, make a cheap toy into a LCD picture frame, Joe writes – “So after a hectic day of soldering, desoldering, scratching out ideas and making new ones, I finally finished the digital picture frame I made out of a Juicebox. Just in time for my mother’s birthday. I had originally planned to integrate a USB SD reader/writer into the design, but scratched it out after I bridged two pins and could not find my desoldering bulb. Also, I was forced to make the matte inside the frame myself when I found out framing stores did not sell them at the sizes I needed. In the end I think it turned out fine though.” Link.

  • BicknellStudio

    FYI, for anyone in the Northeast, Kaybees Toys sells Juicebox complete sets for $25.00 with all the cards and accessories. Worth a look :-)