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RocketdesignCool manual from 70′s spotted on Retro Thing! “Here’s a link to a classic 16-page design manual for model rockets. It covers how solid rockets work along with basic design, and construction. Includes a couple of pages about multi-stage and large scale designs, too.” [via] Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. says:

    Wow . . . somewhere in my files I actually have a really shabby copy of this! I was around 9 when I bought it. That sleek space liner on the cover drove me utterly bonkers. How had they made it?

    Some of the old Centuri models have been re-released by “Semroc,” a mom and pop outfit that uses computer-controlled tools to create nose cones and fins and such. They carry most of the parts mentioned in this design guide.

    Here’s me with a recreation of one of the old Centuri “Mini-Max” kits.

  2. JAO says:

    Memories. My friends and I were making rockets when Centuri and Estes were the two main companies (at least that I knew about). We even broke into Centuri guys and Estes guys, the way people aligned with GM vs. Ford. I was heartbroken when Centuri went under.