Img 316SkypeUnigamer writes “My dream has come true. Ever since last summer when I saw the Skype Video Payphone, I wanted to have a payphone hooked up to VOIP. Not long after I saw that article on Makezine, I put a “wanted” ad on Craigslist Sacramento for a Payphone. I said I wanted it for a project, didn’t have a lot of money I can spend on it, and it didn’t have to be working. I left it alone, never thinking I’d get a response from anyone.” Link. Hopefully, I’ll have time to accept real money in the MAKE payphone soon and have that converted to Skype credits…

  • elemenoh

    This is interesting but it hardly seems worth it. How are you going to stack several on top of one another?

  • chriszuma

    well the beautiful part is that it leaves you a lot of flexibility. You could stack them up with a little spaces in between each one, and then put the fan vertically next to the stack.

  • [email protected]

    “an expensive hard drive enclosure?” Are you kidding? They can routinely be found for

  • chriszuma

    I was talking relatively. One with a fan and not-stupid-looking status lights costs more than $20.

  • jpollard

    Is anyone else having trouble with the link?

  • chriszuma

    you might have trouble with the link because it is routed through the NYU Coral so that my friend’s server doesn’t catch fire and burn his house down. Since traffic has settled down a bit, you can go directly to the page at:

  • jeff

    Hey, first place I found off of google search… need help in making the Maxxtor external drive virtual if it can be done? Where can I go to find this info?? Im not a dumby but I am not versed in this very well. Just a nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.