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  • ZapWiz

    I need to get the project I did years ago onto a webpage.
    Basiclly it was a laser running across the front walk.
    When you walked up to the house, it look almost peaceful, with blue and green lights.
    But when you got about 4 feet away from the door you trip the laser. A photo sensor connected to a 555 timer, and relay would then kill the peaceful lights, and turn on red, black and strobing lights. Along with a looping tape of a guy screaming.

  • 445supermag

    This last halloween I drove my ’55 pontiac up on the lawn next to the walkway and closed the hood on a dummy. Then I used a headlight relay to remotely trigger the car’s ahooga horn. I would wait until someone was just passing the car to sound it, I made a lot of people jump. For a while there was a group of people hanging out on the road waiting for the next victim. Here‘s post on the construction.

    • headlight relay

      And to keep your car’s headlights functioning well, you need a dependable headlight relay. See, this relay activates the headlights whenever you turn the switch. When it fails, the headlights fail as well. So, if you’re having trouble activating your lights