Here’s how to make printed circuit boards with a laser printer Link.

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Also, check out our extremely thorough “Primer” in MAKE Volume 02. Subscribers can log in and read it now.

  • screaminscott

    Ummmm.. did he say keep the iron pressed to the paper for 5 minutes?

    Perhaps he meant 5 SECONDS?

    I think that the paper would catch fire after more than a few second.

  • rickster

    Besides using a laser printer, one should be able to make this type of etching mask using a photocopier as well, since it also prints with thermally set toners.

    I’m sure he is correct about ironing the transfer for 5 minutes. Paper handles being ironed just fine. With the iron’s temperature setting on “silk”, the iron will only get to about 150°C (300°F) – well below paper’s flash point of 233°C (451°F). That temperature should be enough to bond the toner to the copper. The paper may get a little brown, however, if the iron is left stationary too long, but it won’t ignite. Frankly I’d be more worried about melting the board’s plastic base.

  • nhjnmhjm

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