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Isnoop writes – “I’ve just published an update to my universal package tracking tool that now enables you to view a map of your package’s progress as it travels across the country in addition to an RSS feed of shipping status.”Link.

Pictured here, one of my packages!

Idea: Start a monthly air/ground competition between UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL/AirBorne and race packages across the USA – anyone with a web browser and RSS reader can watch and cheer for their favorite.

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  • brainiac666

    when I ship packages, they seem to go missing for several days. Around the time they are delivered, the tracking data is changed to look logical.

  • jswilson64

    I agree with brainiac – online tracking rarely shows where the package is in real time. My last UPS package showed it was still in the local UPS warehouse waiting for delivery, when I was holding it in my hands at home. Wasn’t updated until later that night.