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Yellowsheepriver is making a $149 computer, their slogan is “Say no to Wintel” – the machine runs pretty much all the software most folks need and sports some nice specs for the price – 40GB HDD, a 400mhz/800mhz Godson 2C processor, 256MB RAM, 4 USB2 ports, VGA-output, PS2 input, TV-output [via] – Link & video here.

  • ahains

    I can buy an AMD based system from my local Fry’s today for $179. Where is my motivation to go against the grain and buy this, outside of “sticking it to the man”?

  • screaminscott

    If you go to the link, it appears this is a Chinese company, making products for the Chinese.

    So their motivation is to rely on local CPU’s and software, rather than imported Intel and Microsoft products.

    The entry on the Make Blog probably should have mentioned that.

  • philliptorrone

    screaminscott, thanks – i was going to update the post, but you beat me to it.

  • everex

    This box is not a very powerful system, but it is
    a fanless system that is very suitable for servers
    and gateways at homes and small offices.

  • PVC

    That AMD from Fry’s comes with Linux on it.