I have no idea if this is some sort of trap/scam/etc, but someone is *giving* away a fork lift in the San Francisco area. I can think of a lot of projects with a fork lift, so if you can too, and you’re in the area…hey, free fork lift – Thanks Jason! Link.

  • unterhausen

    I learned from an old electronics tech that if the cover is off, it was too hard to fix. That would be tempting though, doubt it’s a scam, just a forklift that’s too broken to fix.

  • [email protected]

    Actually Forklifts are generally simple machines.
    That one, however appears to be missing its forks…

  • tombou

    Well, it seems as if someone has already adopted that fine piece of machinery. I hope that they are familiar with the safety procedures required when operating a forklift and reviewed the following German forklift training video…

    or the same link from a cleaner url


    viel spass!