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Wow, I’m on a Flash developer list and one of the members sent out this amazing “game” that uses your web camera (iSight or whatever) to play basketball – the motion is used to smack the ball around, like the PS2 Eyetoy, it’s a lot of fun! Great use of Director! – Link.

  • schleifnet

    The game is straight Flash using integrated converted Lingo/Director components (covered this at Flash Insider a little while back) very cool.

  • Kagetsuki

    I like how Phillip Torrone isn’t even trying to smile in that picture. I’m sure he was just looking at his screen, which is off to the side of his camera, but that also makes it look like he’s not even interested in the game.

    This does look pretty impressive though.

  • philliptorrone

    i had to take a screen shot the same time i was playing – it’s hard to smile and do that, this is serious stuff. failure is not an option.

  • cspurgeon

    Hey Phil, I’m curious: what flash developer list are you refering to?