Will O’Brien shows you how to make your own DIY sound dampeners – “Have you been yelled at for watching your latest Superbit DVD “too loud” by your mom / dad / child / spouse / neighbor? Tired of having the Tiki-bar TV guys next door in the background of your podcast recording session? In today’s how-to we cover tricks to improve your room acoustics for better listening or recording pleasure.”Link. The comments have a lot of good suggestions too.

  • wyandots

    I don’t see it addressed at the link site, and I couldn’t post a comment there for some reason, but everybody, please, please be aware of fire issues, especially if you’re doing stuff with sand-loaded doors and insulation. PInk rigid foam insulation is extremely flammable, and easy to put in wrong.

    Huge horrible fire in a Rhode Island club a few years ago, because first one numbnut put up egg-carton foam to insulate for sound, and another numbnut set off a light show. But a lighter or electrical short would do it, too. It would be so stupid to make a cool podcast room and end up dying in it.