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Jonathan writes, “My friend Amy Pfaffman makes wonderful jewelry for the adventurous, featuring electronic parts, taxidermy eyes, and other fun things.” We can’t believe the necklace (pictured right) is made from old toothbrushes. We also love the neon bulb bracelet. She makes everything from guitar picks, hinges, resistors, to recycled glass, and more! Link.



  1. mwproductions says:

    Surely the necklace made from old toothbrushes is on the right? At least it is at the time of this post…

  2. nataliezee says:

    oh you never had a neon light toothbrush? ;)
    i just fixed the reference. thanks!!!

  3. riyogems says:

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  4. mollusco_balena says:

    very beautiful work!

    FAOR, Italy