• mxlews

    That’s a CRT, not a TV. ;)

  • mxlews

    That’s a CRT box, not a TV box. ;)

  • bigtimes

    Next up:

    Quarters…Save room by stacking them!
    Put your pens inside a cup for an easy pen holder!
    Make a laptop holder with just a rubber pad, some hot glue, and an unfinished board!

  • philliptorrone

    that laptop project sounds awesome ;-]

  • blubrick

    Rubber pad? HOT glue? UNfinished board?

    Keep it simple, Bigtimes! What do you think I am? A rocket surgeon?

  • marydel

    Just wonderful! I had the same feeling the first time I saw the Xplory stroller from Stokke

    Now I own one! But I must get my husband down to the store to prepare to make a back up just in case ours get stolen!