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Shaled2010 writes – “This video shows a working magnetic induction projectile launcher. These “rail guns” as they are almost always called (quite often improperly) use Lenz’s Law as the basis for throttling a ferromagnetic projectile from rest to incredible speeds. You see the arc flash in the gun on the right and the target tumble backwards at the left of the screen almost instantly. The projectile is so small and so fast-moving that you cannot see it. To build an efficient one of these takes a working knowledge of electronics, electromagnetism, and precision machining, although it is easy to make a low-momentum (i.e. non-lethal) version. The U.S. Navy is implementing magnetic induction technology in its next generation battleships. Google it.”Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. _soapy_ says:

    As I said elsewhere, you can easily make a nulti-stage version of this. Simply remove the last two BBs, and add a second magnet with those two BBs on the far side of it to increase the speed. Keep going until the magnets start to be destroyed by the impact of the BBs!

  2. _soapy_ says:

    hey, this went on the wrong post! My previous comment should be on the magnetic gun with the 5 ball bearings and a neodynium magnet.