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Remember when you had to make a redbox to get free phone calls? Well, Skype now has free phone calls to any landline and mobile phone in the USA & Canada until 2007. Just install Skype and that’s it – There are going to be a ton of phone projects with this soon! (Pictured here, Skype Payphone) – Link.

Tons of Skype projects – Link.

  • phatmonkey

    I want a Skype interface for Asterisk!

  • TVarmy

    Is it possible to make a mass calling script for skype? Also, did they start selling the numbers to telemarketers?

  • rhina

    I have been using skype for some time and it has some great features.Skype is a s/w which u can install in ur pc and make free calls to skype-skype users.U can even make free phone calls to landline and mobile phones.So try out skype & to know more about skype visit http://www.skype.com.

  • Vansham Aggarwal

    Vansham Aggarwal loves skype