John writes – “Now this is the sort of project I can sink my teeth into. What do you get when you cross a disposable camera flash with a bit of wire, and steel BB’s? A coil gun! Yeah… That’s the good stuff. Jeff provides plans and links to build your own weapon of choice. Have fun and be safe, if you can do the two at the same time. If not you can go as a pirate for next Halloween.”Link.

  • Riddlerr

    Next thing you know there’ll be a law against these too. Thing is that may not be a bad thing soncisdering kids could use these in school to do bodily hard. The ole catch 22.


  • carlo

    Hey guys. I trying to make my first coil gun for a science project . I’m doing something wrong in making the circuit. It looks just like the picture above. One wire from the capacitor to the coil,the second fromthe capacitor to the switch, then from the switch to the coil. I charge the capacitor hit the switch but no discharge. what I’m I doing wrong.

  • soldierx40k

    link is dead :(

  • billy

    did what you did and more and it didn’t work. I feel your pain.

  • Alfie Pates

    Dead link.