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  • _l0ser

    Probably doesn’t taste very good.


    If it’s filtered well it should taste like water- that’s how it started out…

  • MikeCat

    This is an interesting analogue to the anti-Coca Cola protests in India. The bottling plants are allegedly using so much groundwater that the citizens are unable to farm properly and are having basic water supply problems. Privatizing water is a very scary prospect to third-world nations.

  • jovino

    I think you are all focusing on the irrelevant specifics of this particular piece. It’s more art than function, and you should definitely take a look at the rest of Helmut Smits’ artwork.

  • DanLockton

    He could give away (or sell) the extracted syrup as a novel flavouring for ice cream, yoghourt, cakes, etc.

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