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  • bigtimes

    I was ready to be all “THIS GUY IS A MORON”, but the suit looks great. Really great. I wish I could see it in motion.

  • tms10000

    It’s also a great way to get some free exercise.

    Unfortunately for me, it looks like the kind of costume that would make me sweat like a pig, and I’m not sure it would be wise to pass it in the washer …

  • Dirkus

    OK, I just have to ask: Why *real* rocks? I mean, you could just as easily mimic the texture with foam or sponges or SOMETHING lighter than actual stone. No doubt, it looks awsome, but that thing has to be exhausting to wear.

  • oculus1857

    I know this guy, well online wise I know him. If you think that’s something check out what this guy can do with cardboard and a hot gluegun.

    Do a search for the user name ‘Featherweight’ at cosplay dot com. I can’t post his weblinks, but he is awsome. This guy is great and very helpful. Major, props to him as a Maker!

  • oculus1857