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Danny sent in his DIY Fiber optic star ceiling and started to document how it was made – “If you are thinking about installing a fiber optic sky ceiling you really need to plan for it, otherwise, you will have a difficult time making it look good. During construction I placed 4” conduit from where the light unit would be mounted to the front of the ceiling. You want the light unit to be as close as possible to minimize fiber length (for cost). The custom fiber optic illuminators from FOSI use a 39w PAR 30 Metal Halide bulb and a very quiet effects motor, so placing it behind the stage was possible. Some less expensive illuminators use Halogen bulbs which heat up, requiring loud fans. “Link.

  • trinorth

    You can find kits that are a very good quality and at a very reasonable price at

  • trinorth

    You can find kits that are a very good quality and at a very reasonable price at

  • ScottKM

    I’ve seen the fiber optic star panels, and they look nice, but it’s always seems to be more of a hassle for installation. So I searched around the internet and found a different kind. They use very small incandescent bulbs to make the panels, so you don’t have to worry about all that fiber optic cable and the equipment to run it. It looks like you just simply chain them together with the cable on the back side, which would be much easier! I found this here:

    From what it says on their site, they can do 3 different levels of brightnesses as to emulate a real sky look, and the cool thing is you can actually have them make you a panel with a constellation on it. So you can look up at your ceiling and see the big dipper or whatever you want. When I’m ready to do my den, I’m going try these instead. Anyone looking into do a star ceiling, I really recommended checking out Contractors Choice Lighting’s star ceilings too. You can see their home page at

  • c_rice

    Nice products but Fiber optic stars with LED lighting still looks more realistic. Check out for the required materials. I looked at many suppliers but decided on StarCeiling123 because of the price and ease of shopping. Good luck.

  • adrianliang

    this Fiber optic star ceiling is great~

    I wanna have one in my house~

  • starceilings

    This sort of effect is excellent, particularly in kids’ bedrooms etc. Always make sure you get enough ‘stars’ to cover the whole area of your ceiling. Good kits will have about 150 stars and the fibres will be about 6ft in length. Place the LED unit in the centre for best coverage. I bought mine from Star Ceiling Kits .net (, who were really helpful and the product was absolutely excellent, I can’t recommend them highly enough.