Debranded Bike
FrankG writes – “Here some more adventures with the “Electric Bike” project, this installment covers upgrades for extended range, road tires and a small rant on cheap electronics…”Link.


  • Electric bicycle (part 1) – Link.
  • Electric bicycles – Link.

  • mreish

    Not bicycles but still electric:

  • Eric Smith

    I used to follow his site with great devotion, but it’s been offline for a while now.
    even the waybackmachine doesn’t have a lot of it.
    thankfully, i used the scrapbook extension on mozilla to capture the stuff I thought was interesting.
    Sadly, this was not one of those pages.

  • Eric Smith

    Sadly, has been offline for a while now.
    I managed to use a Mozilla extention to capture the pages i thought were most interesting, but sadly, this was not one of those pages.

    Sadly, the wayback machine doesn’t have a copy of it either :-(
    A small corner of the interweb dies, and it’s loss will be felt.