Whip Up has collected links to some great crafting videos, anything from simple techniques to fun craft projects. There seems to be more and more popping up with the advent of video podcasting so we’ll be sure to keep on the look out. Here’s a crochet video from NexStitch and a cool video from Scrapbooking Answers on how to print on twill tape and ribbon from your inket printer. Link.

  • NexStitch

    Thanks for the link! One correction: It’s N E X ST I T C H. Two t’s, not one. P.S. Great blog. I always it out during lunch. You have lots of great stuff here. Thanks!

  • purlingsprite

    You can find some videos on how to knit without needles over at

  • NexStitch

    “I always CHECK it out…” opps!

  • KushKush

    Great!! I really enjoyed the ScrapBooking videoa.
    And your blog is so interesting – every day I am checking it and enjoy your craft posts
    Many thanks