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w yah – our Jake, here at MAKE made a TV-B-Gone, here’s how you can make one too! – “This is a hat with integrated Tv-B-Gone and a couple added features such as rapid fire mode which will turn off (and on) the most common tvs more frequently and constant on mode which will repeat the off codes for all tvs indefinitely.”Link.

You can get the TV-B-Gone in our MAKE store! – Link.

  • b4k4hakujin

    man you could raise hell in a sports bar/grill with one of these haha

  • Rick

    Your link below the TV-B-Gone hat takes me to the Instrucables web site, then says “no Instructables can be found.” Can you fix this?

  • Phat Man Dee

    now if you could only make one of these in a feather boa, I would so wear it to all of my bar gigs…. guess I will have to make it myself…..

  • tv izle

    interesting hat..I would so wear it to all of my bar gigs heh