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Toc writes – “This is how I attatch my Kite Aerial Photography rig to the kite string. It is just a cheap caribiner I picked up at the local hardware store at the cash register. The string at the top is the kite string and the stings at the bottom are the line from the picavet rig.

After the kite is up in the air and flying well I open up the caribiner and make a few turns with the kite line and screw the gate shut. If there is any tension on the line the friction between the line and the caribiner keeps it from sliding down the string. If it is a very light wind day I just add a few more turns. It works pretty very well for me.”Link.


  • Kite Aerial Photography – Puts Your Eye in the Sky. To take pictures from a kite, you need three things: a kite, a camera, and a special rig that attaches the camera to the kiteline and activates the shutter button on the camera. Here’s how to do it. MAKE 01 – Page 50 (subscribers).
  • Kite Aerial Photography projects and more – Link.

Phillip Torrone

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