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Kif 3518
Russ is working on a really interesting keyboard, check out the different prototypes and build-blog – “This keyboard has no support at the base of the palm. It isn’t needed! The keyboard bears directly on the thumb. The main difference between this keyboard, and the others is that the thumb position is lowered. The thumb is now positioned between the index and middle fingers. Most of the bulk of this keyboard is now structural. The kingpin only extends beyond the width of the palm because it’s made of cardboard. If it were made of something stronger, it would only need to go 1/4″ beyond the palm.”Link.

  • UncleClive

    You should have a go at making the structure of the keyboard from Polymorph plastic.
    It’s a re-mouldable plastic that can be moulded by hand once heated in hot water. When cooled it’s extremeley hard and durable

    Maplin Electronics in te UK and varoius others carry it

  • pelrun

    If you read the linked page, Russ mentions attempting to use Shapelock for one of his prototypes – and failing miserably.

    From my own experiments with the stuff I can agree – it’s truly wonderous stuff, but it has it’s limitations.

  • RussNelson

    I want to be able to manufacture this keyboard in the hundreds of units, so I’m looking for something reasonably repeatable. Shapelock (I assume similar to Polymorph) is great for one-off stuff like a cellphone cradle for cellphones lacking cradles, but it’s not good at all for production stuff.

  • nitr0burn

    looks like a hand cramp waiting to happen.

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