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Mark has a crazy PC mod, he writes – “We thought a fast computer should have hot rod flames, working headlights, and a custom license plate. As for the cooling system, an LED case fan just wasn’t going to be original enough. Instead, our case fan is a turbocharger commonly found on late 1990′s Mitsubishi Eclipses and Eagle Talons.” [via] – Link.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.



  1. danybabejanke says:

    stupid idea but couldn’t you drive it from the intake side and then use both sides of the turbo to cool your case, the intake manifold outlet and then the exhaust outlet side(the turbine is probably not the perfect shape but should still work) No oil pump or intercooler??? :P lmao Nice mod.

  2. Michael says:

    Sick, thats all i can say, oh and your a bit crazy :)