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Kagetsuki sent in this how-to on building a model vertical wind generator using household items, wire and magnets – ” These plans are for the construction of a machine called a Savonius wind turbine. Wind turbines come in two general types, those whose main turning shaft is horizontal and points into the wind, and those with a vertical shaft that points up. The Savonius is an example of the vertical axis type. It consists of two simple scoops that catch the wind and cause the shaft to turn.”Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. tsaylor says:

    Those turbines are much less efficient than standard fan designs. The wind blows against both sides.

  2. Stanislaw_the_Pious says:

    Wow, I built one exactly like that back in highschool! It was the exact same design, down to the cardboard support (I guess I know where my teacher got the idea).

    I agree about the efficientcy comment, there is alot of drag, but the rounded shape of the bottle does help a little, the device coul be improved by using sails mounted in such a fashion as to shed the wind from one angle but catch it from the other. Ie. parrallel to eachother but not directly joined at the axel of the turbine