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Mike writes – “In this article, Jeff Conner describes the process for creating brass nameplates from scratch. I’m restoring a 1942 South Bend Lathe and found the information particularly interesting as I’ve got a few tags that could stand being recreated, and a racecar that could stand a little custom nameplate work!”Link.

  • Stokes

    Neat! I’ve seen people make panel labels by ironing toner onto metal, but I hadn’t thought of actually etching the design into it.

  • super_J_dynamite

    I’ve considered using a Gocco machine to do this. Maybe I’ll give it a try and see how it works out.

  • Custom Rubber Stamps

    Now a days brass nameplates are in demands for industrial use and office use.This is one of the most useable product for address and for viewing name on steel,wood,brass,etc.Thanks for showing this post.

  • Nimish V Adani

    Hi! I’m in the business of making nameplates. We retail them across India through our site Engrave. Was looking around for information on brass nameplates and bumped in to this post. Unfortunately the link’s not working. Would help if you could update the same.