Apparently yesterday’s post took the geocities site down due to bandwidth limits, I got a quite a few emails asking about Hello Kitty related crafts, so I’ve gathered a few other sites that relate to the famous cat.

Being Crafty

How to make paper and envelopes from bags at the Sanrio store and how to make a stuffed Hello Kitty head. Link.

Groovy Games

Make your own Hello Kitty Doll. Link.

Hello Kitty Embroidery. Link.

Hello Kitty Creativity

French blog with lots of hello kitty inspired crafts. Cool needlepoint patterns you can download. Link.

Mountain Harmony

Hello Kitty Plastic Canvas Needlepoint Patterns to make magnets, coasters, and tissue box. (pdf) Link.

DLTK Crafts for Kids

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake. Link.

Official Sanrio Crafts

An archive of projects for kids. Link.

  • digitalmaven

    Thanks for sharing my photo and a link to Being Crafty! :)

  • amandawolf

    I wasn’t able to look at yesterday’s link so I’m not sure what the content was, but the links today make me question Make’s view on copyright. Hello Kitty isn’t open source last time I checked… I don’t think it’s ethical for Make to be promoting sites like this.

  • philliptorrone

    amanda, anyone can draw or make hello kitty, draw on a cup or ask a kid to make you one. i just drew one on a napkin right now, arts and crafts are ok :)

  • amandawolf

    hey phillip – i really don’t think that is the same thing. make is a for profit enterprise that is making money by providing content.

  • dext3r

    make isn’t selling any copywritten material

  • nataliezee

    Hi Amanda – Thanks for your concern. This is no different than people needlefelting an apple logo on a tote bag or making a pac-man necklace or needlepoint. We are not asking people to sell their goods or to not buy certain things. We’ve included sanrio’s site too. We are celebrating pop culture and crafts.